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Preparing Your Small Biz for the New Year

If you’re a business owner, it’s as important to review the year that’s ending as it is to prepare for the new year to come. For the last few weeks, I’ve been touching on some key activities to be sure … Continue reading

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Three Essential Truths for Independent Business Owners

I recently participated in REBarcamp, an intensive day of knowledge-sharing sessions for those in the real estate industry. Topics ranged from digital marketing and social media to HUD info and business development. As a sponsor of the event for my … Continue reading

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Don’t Baby Your Biz: Maintain Objectivity to Take Your Small Biz Big Time

When’s the last time you had to diaper your business? Rock it to sleep? Give it positive affirmations so it would grow up with healthy self esteem? Exactly. Your business is near and dear to you, yes. But it’s not … Continue reading

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Beware the Self-Proclaimed “Serial Entrepreneur”

Have you ever met anybody who uses the term “Serial Entrepreneur” as a job title?  I’ve seen many humans use that self-proclaimed moniker lately, and frankly, I’m not impressed.  Even if they leave off the tongue-in-cheek “Serial” and just go … Continue reading

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The “Getting Paid” Series: My Adventures in Small Claims Court

Last week, I walked in a county courtroom 45 minutes north of my home.  I sported my ‘church clothes’, used my best posture and anxiously-yet-confidently carried three copies of a thick booklet of evidence (aka “The Truth”) close to my … Continue reading

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Your Business: Who’s Driving?

Show of hands:   Who finds this quote highly relevant…and slightly convicting?  I had to put my hand down to continue typing this blog post, but suffice to say this thought by Ben Franklin hits the mark with me today. My … Continue reading

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Big Biz Tip: The Back Up Plan

When’s the last time you backed up everything on your hard drive?  I hope the answer is “within the last hour.” And if you don’t have an answer for that question, consider yourself nudged, reminded and forewarned. My work, and … Continue reading

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Behold the Business Card: Your Brand, Bite-sized

I love business cards, and when I’m launching a new branding initiative for a small business client, I often start with these 2.5″x3″ cardstock wonders. That might seem a little traditional coming from a digital-social-mobile gal like me.  As much … Continue reading

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The “Getting Paid” Series: Smart Tips for Getting Paid

One reason I was hesitant to become my own business?  The uncertainties of getting paid. When you’re on your own, there’s no pay day, per se.  And if your business is your sole means of putting kibble in the bowls, … Continue reading

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They “Like” Your Biz on Facebook Because They Want Something!

“Shock of all shocks,” wrote the blogger with an intentionally sarcastic tone.  “People “like” businesses on Facebook and willingly submit their email addresses to companies in order to get discounts, deals and freebies.”  Then said blogger paused from typing to … Continue reading

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