Behold the Business Card: Your Brand, Bite-sized

I love business cards, and when I’m launching a new branding initiative for a small business client, I often start with these 2.5″x3″ cardstock wonders.

That might seem a little traditional coming from a digital-social-mobile gal like me.  As much as I’m all about being paperless and am constantly focused on online solutions, why—pray tell—would  I look to ye olde business card first when developing and defining a new brand?

The business card is deceptively simple.  To create a card that conveys a brand succinctly in a tiny sliver of space, you’ve really got to know thyself.

Slice ‘n dice all that must be determined in order to create a useful, brand-representing business card, and it’s clear those little bits of paper are no small things.

Visual branding:  Logo, color palette, chosen font…all the style and standards representative of everything that makes your brand recognizable

Name, title: preferred name and title, which is surprisingly elusive for some biz folks to figure out

Correct contact information & web address:  Phone, email, website…and if you’ve ever launched a business you know the determination of web address and contact info can be a feat (Plus, if you’re gonna be handing out cards, you’ll certainly want that email, phone and website to be working.)

Catchy tag line:  This is my own standard. I dig using the back of a card to offer a lil’ elevator-pitch of a catch phrase to articulate what biz I’m in.

When I created the branding for my business, I focused on how everything would look online and on a business card.  Branding has to interpret well in both formats to work.

Once I had the lay-out done, I went to print right away.  That’s because there’s something innately valuable about the immediate gratification and affirmation having good business cards can offer.  (Digital printing in low quantities makes it easy to stay in budget and get those cards in your hand fast.)  Seeing and sharing a physical representation of a new brand is exciting and inspiring.

As I began to hand out my cards, I knew my branding was right based on the excitement and confidence I had in the look and message I was sharing. In today’s cluttered marketplace, brand does matter; it can earn that first glance of attention that sets you apart from the pack.

Looking to start a new business or refresh the one you’ve got?  See what’s in the (business) cards for your business’ brand…

Thanks for reading!

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