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Your Business: Who’s Driving?

Show of hands:   Who finds this quote highly relevant…and slightly convicting?  I had to put my hand down to continue typing this blog post, but suffice to say this thought by Ben Franklin hits the mark with me today. My … Continue reading

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Finding the Guts to Follow the Gut Instinct

I’ve found that my gut instinct is reliable.  In biz and life-in-general, I do well when I follow that internal radar that’s a blend of innate common sense, emotional intelligence and hard-earned life experience.  Thankfully, the gut instinct gets better … Continue reading

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The BP Nightmare: What’s Your Biz’s Equivalent

Oh, wayward Hayward. It’s easy to look at soon-to-be-former BP CEO Tony Hayward with a stern shake of the finger and mutter “tsk, tsk, tsk.”  He’s an abundantly wealthy chief executive who stood on shores sullied by the company under … Continue reading

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