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Want to Sell More Stuff? Go with Social Media & SEO!

I just read a yummy article about small business promotion.  (And yes, I did just use the word “yummy” in relation to small business.  I love this stuff!)  This New York Times small biz gem features the story of a … Continue reading

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The BP Nightmare: What’s Your Biz’s Equivalent

Oh, wayward Hayward. It’s easy to look at soon-to-be-former BP CEO Tony Hayward with a stern shake of the finger and mutter “tsk, tsk, tsk.”  He’s an abundantly wealthy chief executive who stood on shores sullied by the company under … Continue reading

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In the Cow Pasture of Life, You’ve Got to Look A Step Ahead

“In the cow pasture of life, you’ve got to look a step ahead.” It’s not the most lovely of analogies, but it’s one I often udder…er, utter.  (Don’t worry, I won’t charge extra for the cow puns included in this … Continue reading

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They “Like” Your Biz on Facebook Because They Want Something!

“Shock of all shocks,” wrote the blogger with an intentionally sarcastic tone.  “People “like” businesses on Facebook and willingly submit their email addresses to companies in order to get discounts, deals and freebies.”  Then said blogger paused from typing to … Continue reading

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Creating Buzz for Your Small Biz: PR Tips in a Web 2.0 World

Ever considered hiring a PR firm or publicist to help promote your business? For many years, I put kibble in the bowls (aka “brought home the bacon”) primarily by doing PR. I was never one of those spin-master, flack types.  … Continue reading

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Small Biz Big Time Gets Bigger

When this blog was born in March 2009, I was just getting into social networking for business and fully embracing the importance of digital reputation/personal brand.  This awakening had arisen in conjunction with my baby step pursuit of becoming my … Continue reading

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