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Three Essential Truths for Independent Business Owners

I recently participated in REBarcamp, an intensive day of knowledge-sharing sessions for those in the real estate industry. Topics ranged from digital marketing and social media to HUD info and business development. As a sponsor of the event for my … Continue reading

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Don’t Baby Your Biz: Maintain Objectivity to Take Your Small Biz Big Time

When’s the last time you had to diaper your business? Rock it to sleep? Give it positive affirmations so it would grow up with healthy self esteem? Exactly. Your business is near and dear to you, yes. But it’s not … Continue reading

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Beware the Self-Proclaimed “Serial Entrepreneur”

Have you ever met anybody who uses the term “Serial Entrepreneur” as a job title?  I’ve seen many humans use that self-proclaimed moniker lately, and frankly, I’m not impressed.  Even if they leave off the tongue-in-cheek “Serial” and just go … Continue reading

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The “Getting Paid” Series: How I Decided to Take a Case to Small Claims Court

I did it.  I took a rogue client to small claims court and won a favorable judgment.  It was kinda awesome. Though I’m enjoying my moral victory, I still have yet to see a dime of what the court of … Continue reading

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Your Business: Who’s Driving?

Show of hands:   Who finds this quote highly relevant…and slightly convicting?  I had to put my hand down to continue typing this blog post, but suffice to say this thought by Ben Franklin hits the mark with me today. My … Continue reading

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5 Ways Small Biz Can Use Technology to Save Money (from Stamps.com)

Hello all! Stamps.com sent me a courtesy post featuring 5 ways small businesses can use technology to save money.  I thought the list was pretty handy, so here it is for your reference.  Are you already using any of these … Continue reading

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Have We Managed to Misinterpret Management?

I recently saw a post on Facebook  by a friend who stated that, though he has an MBA, he was going to have to learn to manage people through good ol’ life experience. In that moment it struck me.  Maybe the … Continue reading

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Hey Small Biz: The Holly Daze is Coming! Time to Prep for Holiday Sales

Did you know that 28% of inactive email subscribers will become active during the holidays?* Suffice to say, if you’re in the business of selling stuff that people want to buy come Christmastime, ’tis the season to prepare for increased … Continue reading

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Big Biz Tip: The Back Up Plan

When’s the last time you backed up everything on your hard drive?  I hope the answer is “within the last hour.” And if you don’t have an answer for that question, consider yourself nudged, reminded and forewarned. My work, and … Continue reading

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Behold the Business Card: Your Brand, Bite-sized

I love business cards, and when I’m launching a new branding initiative for a small business client, I often start with these 2.5″x3″ cardstock wonders. That might seem a little traditional coming from a digital-social-mobile gal like me.  As much … Continue reading

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