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If You Slack, You Will Get Hacked: Tips to Prevent Account Hack Attacks, from One Who Learned the Hard Way

In my last post, I gave you some of those “we all know, we don’t all do” kind of reminders.  Use long, illogical passwords with capital letters, numbers and special characters.  Change passwords regularly.  Don’t use the same password on … Continue reading

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How to Prevent a Hack Attack

In my last post, I shared the account of my recent email and Facebook hack attack. Now, it’s time to get to the nitty gritty—the relevant details that might help you and me prevent future digital identity theft and account … Continue reading

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Your Business: Who’s Driving?

Show of hands:   Who finds this quote highly relevant…and slightly convicting?  I had to put my hand down to continue typing this blog post, but suffice to say this thought by Ben Franklin hits the mark with me today. My … Continue reading

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5 Ways Small Biz Can Use Technology to Save Money (from

Hello all! sent me a courtesy post featuring 5 ways small businesses can use technology to save money.  I thought the list was pretty handy, so here it is for your reference.  Are you already using any of these … Continue reading

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