Big Biz Tip: The Back Up Plan

When’s the last time you backed up everything on your hard drive?  I hope the answer is “within the last hour.” And if you don’t have an answer for that question, consider yourself nudged, reminded and forewarned.

My work, and my world, is so contained on this computer, I actually have a backup for my backup.

I’m a Mac user, so I have an external hard drive set up for Time Machine backups on the hour.   I set up a second external hard drive to hold  heavy video files, but began treating that drive like Time Machine #2 when my first one showed signs of malfunction.  Recently, that primary Time Machine drive went kaput; thank goodness I had the second external backup already on hand.

Of course, you can pay for cloud services like Carbonite or Mozy.  I’ve heard good things about the peace of mind the fees will buy.

No matter what, back up your stuff!

What is your tactic for keeping files safe and sound?  Share with us on the Facebook group.

Thanks for reading!

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