Hire Me!

First of all, thank you for clicking through to this page!

Whether you were curious about that bold, “Hire Me!” call-to-action or were motivated after reading some of my posts, I’m glad you landed here.  I’d truly be honored for the chance to work with you.

For the fullest scoop about my marketing communications and copywriting services, visit my website at msg2mkt.com.

I’m available for hire in a variety of capacities.  Whether you need a little one-on-one coaching to launch your small biz  or seek full marketing support and implementation, I’m able to respond.  You can see a full portfolio, recommendations and details at msg2mkt.com.

Here are some ways I’ve recently helped businesses like yours in the realm of social media and digital reputation management.  Maybe one of these options will fit your needs as well.

Staff training on social networking:  an hour-long session at a mid-size business, training key employees on the use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogs to enhance marketing efforts; provided specific ideas for their business type and responded to questions for practical application from participants

One-on-one social network coaching:  individual sessions with a marketing executive seeking to become proficient in social networking in order to enhance her career; offered hands-on assistance in account set-up, advanced ideas for building digital reputation/personal brand online, as well as practical tips on use of social networking for business

Social media planning and implementation:  program development and management for businesses of various types and stripes, supplementing existing marketing efforts with integrated social networking solutions and support (blogging, profile creation, online campaigns, status updating/tweeting, proactive networking, etc.)

Social content creation:  writing and creating effective content for existing blogs and social network forums, with keen awareness for tagging, keyword usage, audience engagement and brand building support

Social media presentation for groups: 45-minute presentation with 15-minute Q&A for groups of any size, purposed in introducing social media and conveying topline ways it can be used in business, with content tailored for the group, industry or sales/marketing focus of the organization and supplemented by an emailed e-book customized for the occasion

Now, let’s address costs for any of the above.  Please know, I respect budgets and would never want anyone to spend a dime working with me if it didn’t align with great value.  That’s why I usually work off a flat or project fee (not an hourly, ticking meter) and pour myself into every opportunity—so clients are assured their money’s worth.

I’m based in Nashville, Tennessee, where I work remotely for clients across the country every day.  For training and one-on-one sessions, I’m able to Skype with distance clients or meet in person as geography (or travel budget) permits.

I love what I do, and I know I’d do a great job for you.  For others’ endorsements, please visit my LinkedIn profile to read recommendations on my work.

Ready to talk details?  Contact me at irene@msg2mkt.com today, and let’s take this thing big time!


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