They “Like” Your Biz on Facebook Because They Want Something!

“Shock of all shocks,” wrote the blogger with an intentionally sarcastic tone.  “People “like” businesses on Facebook and willingly submit their email addresses to companies in order to get discounts, deals and freebies.”  Then said blogger paused from typing to bask in the glow of her abundantly obvious pronouncement.

Today, Emarketer reported research findings that reveal consumers are predominantly motivated to “like” brands on Facebook and offer up their email addresses to companies in order receive special discounts or freebies.  This ‘gimme’ motivation proved stronger for the acquiescing of email address than it did for the “liking” on Facebook or “following” on Twitter.

So—deal with that reality, oh business people and brand marketers!  Yes, they like you.  They really, really like you…but only if they think you’re gonna give ’em something.  “What’s in it for me?” wins out—again.

The desire for updates and information ranked next regarding email sharing, while benevolent shows of support showed up next on the Facebook “like” research.

The short of these findings?  Give ’em something.  Considering Facebook fans are worth $136.38/each and are more likely to make purchases with your company than other consumers, it is worth offering exclusive incentives.   A little “10% off” or “free gift with purchase” here and there will likely pay dividends, let alone help increase your number of engaged consumers.

“You’ve got to give to receive,” concluded the blogger.  “…Whether you “like” it or not.”  Then she began to ponder what she might be able to give those who “like” Small Biz Big Time on Facebook.  Hmmm…

THANKS for reading!  See you on Facebook!

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