Hey Small Biz: The Holly Daze is Coming! Time to Prep for Holiday Sales

Did you know that 28% of inactive email subscribers will become active during the holidays?*

Suffice to say, if you’re in the business of selling stuff that people want to buy come Christmastime, ’tis the season to prepare for increased seasonal sales opportunities.  What are you doing to get ready?   Here are some thought starters to help you stock up on stocking stuffers.

Holiday promotions:  Determine featured products, arrange for appropriate supply and assess pricing to make the most of market demand. Hopefully you’re already on trend-watch and in tune with what’s anticipated to be hot this season of selling.  If you snag the right inventory mix and prep the promos, you’ll potentially ‘sleigh’ the competition.  Marketers will start Black Friday promos even earlier this year to maximize the holiday season; are you primed and ready?

Holiday communications:  Map out your messaging, from direct holiday greetings and seasonal advertising to unique content for blogs, websites and Facebook pages.  Create your ‘hook’ and key selling points now.  (It’s not too early to get that customer Christmas card designed and ready!)  In creating core messaging, think of ways to spark urgency and excitement.  Just like kids love to count down to Christmas, consumers are sparked by shopping deadlines as well.

Think Digital-Social-Mobile: Determine how to incorporate all channels of connectivity to make shopping quick and easy for customers.  Mobile and social marketing can be real game-changers for you.  Many e-commerce providers now offer Facebook page integration; look at adding live purchase links to your page.  Is your e-commerce site mobile-friendly?  If not, you may have time to mobilize your marketing efforts.

Want more ideas?  This Experian Holiday Marketer report has tons of great stats and practical tips and is free to download.  It’ll help get you in the holiday spirit.

Thanks for reading!

* – Experian 2010 Holiday Marketer report

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