America: Land of the Free(lancer), Home of the Brave

Ah, we Americans…  Here we go asserting our independence again!  Our national economic woes have led many of us…me included!…to do the ol’ bootstrap, become-our-own business thing.

Thanks to the capabilities of technology, an evolution of what the market needs in terms of services and goods, and other economic factors too chewy to explain here, the road to recovery isn’t one big paved highway, it’s many humbly-carved paths converging intermittently.

Just look at recent poll results and commentary from SmartBrief’s Entrepreneur newsletter to illuminate the new era we’ve entered.  Click on the image to see it in full and read more easily.

Where do you fit in this new era?  I must admit, I’m proud to be in the Land of the Free(lancer), the Home of the Brave!

Thanks for reading…

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