Finding the Guts to Follow the Gut Instinct

I’ve found that my gut instinct is reliable.  In biz and life-in-general, I do well when I follow that internal radar that’s a blend of innate common sense, emotional intelligence and hard-earned life experience.  Thankfully, the gut instinct gets better and more assured the longer I walk this planet.  I can trace every one of my life’s regrets back to a moment when I disregarded my gut instinct (or didn’t have the maturity to identify it).  The gut instinct has always worked, though I’ve not always had the guts or the smarts to respond accordingly.

Now that I’m my own business, my gut instinct is being honed everyday.  Who to work with, what information to trust, when to take action, how to step out of situations… I’m relying on that internal guide more than ever and mustering the strength to act based on what my instinct tells me.

Now and again, the gut instinct seems to hedge a topic, and I sense a flip-flop rather than a solid direction.  It’s during those times, I go to another a personal truth I’ve learned and relearned over the years:  “if there are questions, there’s your answer.”

Suffice to say, it takes guts to follow the gut instinct.  But when we do, it’s the right move for all parties involved, and everyone…and every biz…is better for it.

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