SEO & Video: A Solid Combo to Boost Google Ranking

Wanna know the big numbers for Americans who indulged during the month of November ’09?

170,000,000 & 31,000,000,000

No, these strings of zeroes have nothing to do with the total pounds of turkey consumed or total weight gained due to too much pie eating last November.  These impressive figures reflect the number of Americans who watched video online, as well as the total number of videos viewed—respectively—for that month.

Yes, that’s right!  170 million of us looked to the Internet for video, and while looking, we took in nearly 31 billion videos all told.  This is according to a news release by comScore, a leading provider of digital intelligence.

Suffice to say, online video is, uh, the real deal.  Just as big time advertisers are reaping the benefits of this truth, so should small and mid-size business owners.  With technology and resources, the online video playing field may not be level, but it surely is open—for businesses of any size.

Many proponents and providers of online video content are still throwing around stats from a 2007 poll conducted by the Online Publisher’s Association and Online Testing eXchange.  After all, it is compelling data.

– Americans watch about 16 billion Web videos each month
– that’s up 25% from just a year ago
– 80% of online viewers recall seeing a video
– 52% take action and
– 16% of online video viewers make a purchase

Considering the steady growth of this category since this report first came out, it’s logical to presume there’s continued effectiveness for online video content.  More and more retailers are adding “sell” videos, showing everything from swishing skirts to blenders blending, to motivate response from viewers.

A recent story from OpenForum punctuates the role of SEO tagging to maximize video’s impact on search rankings.  The reports states that this targeted tagging approach will reach beyond (or around) YouTube to drive traffic more directly to marketers’ sites.

In my corner of the world, video has been a cornerstone of online content for many years, but the ante is certainly getting upped in twenty-ten.  More clients newly perceive video as “must” rather than “plus.”  What used to be an extra element is now core content.

After I finish this blog post, I’ll be working on what else but a video script!  This project’s for a client convinced it’s time to add some motivating motion and emotion to their website.  For someone who earns her keep writing copy that sells stuff, these are s-e-O, such fun times indeed!

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to SEO & Video: A Solid Combo to Boost Google Ranking

  1. Some of us are already providing low cost, professionally produced video for small and medium sized companies with SEO. That’s My City TV launched on the internet last November, and we have gotten a lot of interest!

    • Well, hello Digital Rodney!
      I’m not only glad to know you’re out there, I’m really glad more clients are starting to take notice, too! I know good video content for the web isn’t new, but I’m sensing a broader application and openness to it. Here’s hoping this leads to mutually successful endeavors.
      Thanks for taking time to read and respond!

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