Where Is Everybirdy? It’s Time to Fill Your Feeder

I just got a hummingbird feeder.  It’s my first one, and I’m not up to speed on hummingbird feeder protocol.  When should I put it up?  What’s the scoop on filling and cleaning?  Where should I place it?

I emailed a fellow bird nerd this morning to inquire about timing, and he replied that the hummers are already hanging around.  He and his wife have had their feeders out for a little while now.

Gasp.  Here I am, excited about my new form of “cheep” entertainment, and I’m already tardy.  What if the hummingbirds in my zip code have already staked claim on other feeders?  Will they every come my way?  Is there anything I can do to earn their attention once I do get this feeder filled and situated?  And I better keep extra feed on hand, in case they do come.  I wouldn’t want them to trust my feeder as a food source only to find it empty one day.  Time is nigh, or my birds will fly!

So it is with our online marketing efforts.

Your customers are already out there, looking for your product or service.  If your feeder isn’t out—and filled to the brim, they will fly on to a feeder that does have something to offer.  Even if you were planning to serve the sweetest nectar on the planet, your customers need solutions now.  They’ll settle for lesser than wait for nothing.

A website without social media connectivity is like an empty feeder.  Maybe your customers can dine on the content they find on an initial visit to your site.  But that won’t sustain them long term; they won’t keep them coming back in the future if there’s nothing new to savor.

Do you need to make time to tend to your feeder?  Should you ante up and hire some help to get things done?  You could be in the midst of building a reputation right now, instead of fretting over how or when to dive in.

For me, it would’ve been wise to buy the nectar when I purchased the feeder, then I would’ve been ready to host the hummingbirds.  If you’re looking to launch a site or refresh an existing one, you should build in ways to continuously feed that site.  Add a blog.  Include direct connects to your Twitter or Facebook accounts.  Offer a subscription to a newsletter.  Do something to keep ‘em coming back.

I’ll certainly have my feeder up by day’s end; the thought that there’s a hungry hummingbird out there in my neighborhood is motivation.  What’s your next move to attract somebirdy to your feeder?


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