The Handyman’s New Tool: Web Ideas for Even the Smallest Businesses

When your neighborhood handyman gives you his web address and talks up his online promotion, you know something’s drastically changed in the marketing universe.  It’ll never be the same “sell” again.

And I gotta say, the handyman hit the nail on the head.

Mind you, the site was nothing lovely to behold, but I’m not grading on web design here.  I was impressed that (1) the handyman has a website, (2) the site contains pertinent information, (3) there was an online promotion by which the handyman can gauge response and grow business and (4) the handyman drove traffic to his online presence with traditional communications.  If he’d had (5), a mechanism to capture my information and a social media component to engage me further, the handyman would have closed the loop nicely.

I repeat.  This is a handyman—the rough and tumble guy who fixes toilets, washes windows, patches dry wall and eats lunch in the cab of his pick-up while listening to AM radio.  If he is a computer user, he clearly doesn’t log hours online like most of his customers do.  But that’s the beauty of it!  The handyman looked beyond his own daily perspective (curled copy of the Yellow Pages on the dashboard and news/talk AM for weather updates) and did his best to get in the heads of his customers—and potential customers—who are online all the time.

The handyman’s formula is a basic starter kit for any small business.  Be online.  Let customers know you’re online, and give them a “something’s-in-it-for-them” reason to visit your website.  However, he’ll need to take this Web 1.0 model to 2.0 to really tap into the potential to grow his customer base.  Now it’s not enough to just be on the web; you’ve got to engage customers to stay top of mind. Word of mouth is now conducted by click of mouse, after all!

For example, the handyman could rock it out with a Facebook fan page.  It wouldn’t matter the number of fans, but the quality of them.  If my local Facebook friends saw that I was a fan of an area handyman, I believe that would serve as a resounding endorsement.  Couple the fan page with geographically targeted ads on Facebook, timed to run during peak home improvement seasons, and I think the handyman would welcome new business.

(Sounds like a candidate for a “Small Biz Big Time” social media makeover…hmmm!…)

Nonetheless, he’s on the right track and looking in the right direction, and I applaud and laud his smarts as a business person to get in the game in real way.  He’s proof that no matter how small the business, there’s always room to think big.  I’m glad the handyman’s found a new tool!

Happy weekend to you!

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1 Response to The Handyman’s New Tool: Web Ideas for Even the Smallest Businesses

  1. prolepticlife says:

    Good information. The facebook fan page is a great idea.

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