How Do You Define “Big Time?”

I named this blog and the accompanying webcast “Small Biz Big Time” for a few reasons.  First, it’s kinda catchy.  Second, the domain name was available.  Third, it’s descriptively accurate, in that social media is enabling small businesses to go beyond the borders and previously accepted parameters to achieve success.  Lastly, I like the idea of redefining both “Small Biz” and “Big Time,” because in today’s world, both terms are up for interpretation.

Let’s look at the phrase “Big Time.”

In our attention hungry, camera carrying society, it seems like so many of us are posturing and plotting for our 15 megabytes of fame (and the megabucks and book deal to go with ’em).  Many people think that’s what the “Big Time” in “Small Biz Big Time” is all about.  But that isn’t necessarily so.  As I’m interviewing small business people for the show, I’m asking them to describe what “big time” is for them.  In other words, I want to know what ‘success’ looks like to them.  Everyone’s definitions are different—and not what you might expect.

One common theme in the replies I’ve gotten thus far is “freedom.”   These small business owners place freedom high on their lists when it comes to defining success.  That’s why they’re drawn to the use of social media to grow their businesses.  Social media can be used on their terms, on their time, anywhere they are—as long as they’ve got Internet connection.

And they want to use social media tools to build their businesses in such a way as to have enough volume/revenue to be free to choose the projects they take on and the clients they will work with.  With social media’s potential reach, these business people see the opportunity to maximize their resources, so they can ultimately spend their time doing the part of their jobs that they love.

Also, these entrepreneurs consistently define “big time” as “more time”—more time to spend with their families, more time to create, more time to enjoy, more time to do the stuff they love.

So far, nary an interviewee has mentioned “be on Oprah” or “buy a yacht” as milestones on the journey to the “big time.”  Of course, if they had mentioned Oprah or a yacht, that would be okay, too.  Everyone’s “big time” is different.  But the great thing is, social media can help us all reach for our goals, our dreams, with a little help from our our connections, our followers, our fans—our friends.


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