The Prudence of Patience in a Point & Click Economy

Have you noticed that we often assume any marketing efforts conducted online should not be subject to a timeline?

I see this tendency in myself and my clients.  After all, I can make a few, fast rat-a-tat-tats on my keyboard and update the world on my whereabouts or pay my bills or find out the weather in Istanbul.  Surely my marketing message and online presence should establish and increase at a rapid rate; that’s what the Internet is all about, right?

Let’s slow down…

The technology behind modern communications is jarringly quick, and we’ve never been better able to placate the ‘immediate gratification beast’ in all of us like we are able to now.  Things are progressing so fast, what was reportedly innovative in January is lining the virtual wastebasket come April.  Yet people are still people, and though you can do a rapid snap to get attention, relationships, purchasing decisions and brand loyalty are still created at mere human speeds.

Though it may take only minutes to open a blogging account and post your first entry, it will likely take a while for anyone to discover your creation and become a devoted reader.  You’ll have to put forth effort to let folks know you’re out there, even as you seek to contribute great content to the blogosphere.  You can even create a website with e-commerce functionality in just a few short hours (or less), but going live won’t typically bring the bees to honey.  There are steps in between that must occur.  Hanging out the “open” sign on the Internet doesn’t guarantee immediate marketshare.

Master blogger Lindsay Ferrier gave some great insights on this topic in her recent conversation with me for ‘Small Biz Big Time.’  Bloggers like Lindsay, who has a huge following of devoted readers, are tops on modern media lists and are the direct recipients of PR efforts.  With many companies seeking her product reviews and positive brand mentions, Lindsay knows very well the importance of the real relationships when working with PR reps.  To her, there’s a big difference between the cursory knock of a PR passerby versus the ongoing conversation with an established PR contact.

Guess which one pays off?  Patience pays.

Jay Deragon of The Relationship Economy delineates the process into five essential steps:  attention, attraction, affinity, audience, action.  This steps are relevant for any marketing endeavor, but are particularly relevant in the real of social media to promote business.

While we shouldn’t dawdle in forging forward in our businesses, we also shouldn’t impose unrealistic deadlines for results.  The stronger the root system, the more fruit the vine will bear—and still it must bear when the season is right.

Look for more truths on timing and the five elements of social media (attention, attraction, affinity, audience, action) coming soon…and right on time…


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1 Response to The Prudence of Patience in a Point & Click Economy

  1. Lesley says:

    An important thing to remember….and to allow breathing room, thinking room, LIVING room in clients’ lives and responses. And it applies to both sides, too. Often I want to zing back a response to an email just to have a matter DONE and off my proverbial desk, but the truth is that some things merit a little more thought than a knee-jerk reaction, and it’s wise to take the time to invest some thoughtfulness into the process.

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