Be Your Own Client

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I have clients.  Clients have needs.  I meet clients’ needs.  That’s how it works in my world.

Yet it’s often a different story when I need to tackle projects for my business; “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” I often joke.  The problem is typically two-fold:  (1) I’m so busy taking care of paying clients, I’m challenged to carve time for my own endeavors, and (2) it’s hard for me to get my head in the game when the effort is my own.

Earlier this year, I added new entrepreneurial endeavors (i.e.- “Small Biz Big Time” and my freelance copywriting biz) to my existing workload and immediately felt a little discombobulated—mentally disorganized, if you will.  If I could juggle the needs of multiple clients at one time, why were my own projects weighing me down?

One afternoon as I organized client files on my computer, I had a breakthrough.  Ding!  I realized “I” am the client, and I should have client folders for my own endeavors.

Mind you, I’d often stated that I was going to treat my projects like I would any other clients’.  I even had folders already set up.  But were they organized?  No!  I hadn’t followed up my statements with concerted action.  That afternoon, as I polished the file folders for “Small Biz Big Time,” I felt the new endeavor take its place in my brain.  Because I’m so attuned to servicing my clients and organizing their projects and information, I was quickly able to assign “my” stuff its rightful place on my priority list.

It’s common sense, I know.  But for me, this issue that’s often ‘easier said than done,’ became easier once I’d done something about it.

This truth is essential as you embark on the journey into social media for your business.   If you don’t take action to prioritize your own efforts, you’ll flounder to the point of exhaustion.  Maybe you need to write out your own business plan.  Maybe you should organize your file folders like I did.  Perhaps you could invest in some training to educate yourself on the tools you want to incorporate for your business.

If there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that it’s always right to invest in myself and my business.  When the economic hiccup became a full-on groan, some of even my most loyal clients—for whom I could not have worked harder—had to pull back out of necessity.  The one constant in my career is me!

I’m my own client.  And I’m pretty easy to work with as long as the service is good…

Have a great weekend!

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1 Response to Be Your Own Client

  1. Lesley says:

    Great insight! Something along the lines of “pay yourself first” if you are self-employed. How often — and how much easier — is it to do things for others (and do them well) and just kind of limp along in our own businesses? Thanks for making this great observation and sharing it with us, Irene!

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