Don’t Use Twitter! (Until You Know Why & How to Do So)

a-bluebirdSmall business owners: Are you thinking about Twitter for your business? Well, before you take flight, heed my cautionary tale. Until you can articulate why you should use it and how to make it work for you—with specifics for your business, save your time, effort and energy!

Twitter can be a great tool if you know why and how to use it; it can be black hole of your valuable time if you don’t.

Take me, for example…

At the world’s urgent behest to “do Twitter,” I put up a profile, found a handful of thought leaders in industries relevant to me who were worth following and casually logged on now and again. Each time I took my Twitter perch, I’d see some interesting updates, find links to useful articles or be amused by the minutia of daily life as microblogged by the small collection of people I’d selected to tweet up with.

After a month, with my head swirling from the ceaseless squawking about “making the most of your Twitter usage,” I felt this inexplicable peer pressure to up my game. I took my perch one Saturday morning with the goal of increasing my flock. I spent two hours hitting “follow.” Then I set up a TweetLater account so that I could auto-follow anyone who followed me.

The effort paid off. My numbers grew significantly. Good, right? Well…

I diluted the one aspect of Twitter that had been useful to me. Now when I log on, I rarely see the ‘tweets’ of the thought leaders I’d first sought out. I’ve got bigger numbers all around, but what does that really mean?

I learned that, for my goals, Twitter use really wasn’t about quantity but quality. I’d have been wise to strategize before joining in all the fluttering. Thankfully, I learned this fact so that I can now share my story with you. So, the effort had a resulting value, after all.

Of course, it’s smart to apply the “why and how” test to any marketing tactic you’re considering. If you can’t identify why you should do something (i.e. – what the gain will be) or how (lest you unknowingly bite off more than you can chew).

I’ll be flapping my feathers on more specifics of Twitter use for small business. Log back each day to learn more!


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