Don’t Blow Off Blogs! A Must for Small Biz


Maybe it’s the name that caused me to disregard them at first.  “Blog” is awfully close to “glob,” after all.  Maybe it’s because anyone can start one, on any topic (or no topic) on a whim.  Whatever it was, it took me a long while to take blogs seriously.  Yet at every turn, blogs were taking root, becoming more and more viable in the mix of communications.

Eventually, the cream rises to the top in the blogging universe.   While there’ll always be ‘globs’ out there, great blogs have secured notable followings thanks to their quality of content, great writing and interactivity.  I finally logged on and tuned in to the fact that blogs were real, important and here to stay (heck, I’ve joined ‘em!).

Blogs are undeniably part of the communications mix.  When creating PR campaigns today, I include blogs on the media list.  As a matter of fact, while my traditional media lists continue to dwindle, my new media lists—anchored by blogs—keep growing and morphing, taking a stronger place of prominence in my PR efforts.

This can be great news for small businesses, in which relationships are everything.  Blogs are often entities unto themselves, not bogged down by stringent editorial constraints or blighted by the need to feature news from advertisers.  Blogs are commonly very niched, and their readerships are loyal, personal and vocal.  This is true even when a blog is affiliated with a traditional media outlet.

Here are some key points I will cover this week.

  • Your customers are reading blogs; you need to read them, too.
  • Blogs are viable opportunities for advertising.
  • Blogs must be included in your media lists for PR activities.
  • Even if you never become a blogger, you can have a voice in the blogging universe.
  • You can build real relationships with real people online, and increased sales is the wonderful residual.

Log back on Tuesday and Wednesday as I round out this topic with some ‘apply-now’ tips that will help take your small biz to the big time!


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