Where Companies with “No Money for Marketing” Spent in First Quarter

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I thought 2009 was going to be painfully quiet.  Back in November, a few clients decreed they were shutting off the marketing waterworks for the year.  They immediately tightened the valve on all spending and capped the pipes on big ticket items.  They ixnayed everything from trade show participation to new product launches and pulled back on ongoing PR campaigns and trade advertising.

Yet January came around, and the tap was still dripping—steadily.  By mid-January, there was a full stream of marketing activity from clients who’d otherwise decreed ’09 would be bone dry.  No, they didn’t resurrect any projects that had been capped.  So what did they spend on?

Websites and videos-for-web—across the board!

My first quarter was chock full of website projects—new sites, as well as additions and updates to existing ones.  And there were a couple times I couldn’t have been busier with video productions.  Companies want their sites to be alive with video, animation and motion.

Ultimately, it wasn’t that there was no money for marketing this year; it was that there was only money for sure things, for future-focused alternatives that were more certain investments.  My clients are still (wisely) spending on their websites and videos to go on those sites.

Certainly, there’s plenty of news to support this strategy.  Across the board, we’re gravitating more and more to the Internet for information, and we’re attuned to the splash and dazzle of video to convey that information.

Just last Thursday, we learned new research organized by the Nielsen Company clocks our daily ‘screen time’ at a record 8.5 hours.  Adults are face to face with screens (from TVs to computers to GPS units to cellphones) over 8 hours daily.  With news like that, it’s safe to say for my client base, the days of 20,000-brochure print runs are all but gone, as people grow more accustomed to logging on to web pages than flipping through real one to get information.

This news comes on the heels of reports from Aberdeen and Forrester documenting notable planned increases in spending for social media for notable marketers and “best-in-class” companies.  While social media spending is still small relatively speaking, it is important to see where companies are willing to increase expenditures at all these days.  Online presences are undeniably important, and decision makers are willing to increase their investment accordingly.

What does this mean for small biz?  The playing field is more level online and is certainly worth investing in for the promotion of your business.  It’s not just about affordability.  It’s about reach, presence and connection.  It’s about the present and the future. Spending on your web presence is spending wisely, as the potential pay-off is great.

A penny for your thoughts!

Please share with me what you seen in terms of 1st quarter spending for ’09.  Any surprises?  Seen anything like I’ve just reported here?  I’d love to hear what’s going on in your corner of the wide world.  Email me at irene@socialmediaconnection.com anytime!

More tomorrow…

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