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In my day job (a.k.a., my “pay job!”), I’m a copywriting, strategic planning, tactic implementing PR and marketing consultant.  Just this morning, I finished up some copy for a promo piece for a holding company, in which I was charged to convey the contrast of the company’s global knowledge and market-centric perspective , in a single paragraph.

A self-acknowledged “Word Nerd,”  I love assignments like that.  I love having to encapsulate grand thoughts in 50 words or less.  I’ve built a fun career on my ability to collect lumbering piles of (seemingly) disjointed information and synthesize them into useful, pertinent messages.  And when a message I helped create actually reaches somebody and motivates response, I couldn’t be more pleased.

As I wrote that copy today, it occurred to me that “Small Biz Big Time” is yet another chance for me to synthesize lots of information into practical, applicable messages.  That’s why I’m already loving this platform and the wonderful purpose of it.  I’m making it my mission to whittle through the inundating clutter and glut of information to carve out news-you-can-use and ideas-you-can-apply.

You are busy; let me help illuminate the pertinent messages for you!

To that end, I’m trying to put some skin on the whole topic of “social media for business.”  In other words, I’m focused on giving real life examples that personalize the  often cerebral and elusive discussions floating around on the Internet.

I’ve already got two Small Biz Big Time episodes in the video editing suite, each one featuring a small business person using social media in very relatable (yet very different) ways.  Trust me, I know your time is valuable, so please be assured; each episode will be well worth the 5 to 7 minutes you’ll spend watching.

Additionally, I’ve got even more great stories in the queue to pursue…stories of real people working in an array of industries (i.e. a B&B operator, an attorney, a teddy bear designer), all using social media to grow their businesses.  I’m so excited to tell these stories!

…And speaking of “synthesizing information”…

I’ve created my own “Alltop” page.  Alltop is a service that helps collect and organize information on “all topics” throughout the web.  Visit my page to find a vast collection of small business news, from respected blogs and magazines throughout the Web.

Small Biz Big Time’s Alltop Page!

Happy Friday!

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