Wake-Up Call – 3 Reasons You Can’t Ignore Social Media

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Was the telephone a fad? The TV?  E-mail?  Suffice to say, social media isn’t going anywhere either.

Even as its form and function evolves daily (making the evolution from rotary dial to touch-screen iPhone seem like an eternity by comparison), the root system of social media is growing deeper into our daily human interactions.  It’s already an essential part of our communication.

In my day job as a marketing and PR consultant, I see companies in varied degrees of acceptance of social media.  The dial goes from Unaware to Disregard to Dabble to Embrace.

For anyone online reading this blog, it’s probably hard to fathom a business owner is genuinely unaware of social networks and their impact on business.  Thanks to my regular duty down in the trenches, I actually understand how that happens.  I find it’s often successful people who are busy enough in the status quo to not presently need or heed the buzz about social media.  Frankly, as I inform some of these “Unawares” of social media, they are immediately inspired to turn the dial to “Dabble” or “Embrace,” because they’re focused on winning long term.

The most concerning notch on that dial is “Disregard.”  And trust me, I see too much of that in my business—the accomplished deflectors who presume the rules needn’t apply to them or their companies.  That is truly ‘extinction thinkin’.

Here are three reasons why it’s not an option for businesses to leave the dial on Disregard, if they want to succeed long term.

1. People are conducting regular communications via social networks instead of by personal email.
Customers/consumers are evolving in they way the interact and acquire information.  A Nielsen Online research report noted that “member communities” are visited by 67% of Internet users around the globe.  Some predict the future hold the demise of traditional emailing, as the world population increases messaging within social networks.

2. People are spending more and more time in social networks while online.
The report also noted that one minute of every eleven minutes spent online is spent within a social network.  In Britain, the study revealed it’s one in every six minutes.  Suffice to say, social networks are increasingly were people are connecting more and more.

3. This isn’t just for kids!  35 – 49 year olds represented social networking’s biggest growth last year.
Many who set the dial on “Disregard” contend social networking is for ‘tweens and teenie-boppers.  That’s simply not so, according to this research.

Where’s your dial set?  Let’s work together to adjust the knob and take small biz to the big time!  See you tomorrow…


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