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Twitter is an online conversation.  Nothing’s more important in Twitter usage than good strategy for tweeting, retweeting and listening.  That being said, I know some Twitter newbies out there who’re just “moving in” to their Twitter page and are prone to care about branding, image and aesthetics.  So, here are few tips to put some personality into your profile page  Twitter’s design capabilities aren’t vast, but you do have some options to incorporate your style.

Start by selecting or creating an image for your background.  If you create the graphic for your background image, bear in mind that you have very little white space to work with.  I created a background with a vertically oriented design no more than 1.5″ in width, so that nothing would get lost behind the Twitter page’s fixed items.

Here’s a 1-2-3 for getting the look set-up.

And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!  Let’s tweet up soon…

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2 Responses to Twitter 101 – Customize Your Profile

  1. This is really excellent information!

    Thanks so much! I’ll be tweeting you up soon!

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